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16th ISEC 2014

 15th ISEC 2012

 14th ISEC 2009

 13th ISEC 2007

 12th ISEC 2005

 11th ISEC 2003

International Stirling Engine Conference - 16th ISEC 14

The 17th ISEC celebrated the Bicentennial Anniversary of Stirling Cycle. The Conference took place in Newcastle upon Tyne from the 24th to 26th of August 2016. The Conference was chaired by Prof. Khamid Mahkamov of University of Northumbria at Newcastle and it was the opportunity to bring together experts and interested parties from the wide mechanical and power engineering working on Stirling engine and its applications.

ISSN: 2409-0387

International Stirling Engine Conference - 16th ISEC 14

The 16th ISEC was held in Bilbao at the Euskalduna center from 24th to 26th of September 2014. CS Center Stirling, S. Coop. was the organizer of the event. The Conference received the visit of the most relevant companies, research institutes and universities working around energy efficiency and Stirling technology.In this edition, the best scientific and industrial papers have been awarded. Further details can be found on the conference website below.

ISSN: 2409-0387

International Stirling Engine Conference - 15th ISEC 12

For the first time from its launch in 1982 the ISEC was held in two separte sessions. The first part of the conference, from 10th to 22nd September 2012 was online, with paper presentation and discussion on a dedicated website. The second part consisted of two days of plenary meetings held at Dubrovnik's IUC from 27th to 29th, 2012 September.
Selected papers from the online conference were discussed in detail over the two days of the plenary meeting.

ISBN: 978-88-8326-019-3

International Stirling Engine Conference - 14th ISEC 09

The 14th ISEC was held in Groningen from 16th to 18th November 2009 at the same time as the Energy Delta Convention 2009, an important event attended by a large number of participants from government, science and business from all over the world. The combination of the two events was a great opportunity for opening the Stirling Engine community to important manufacturers and users in the energy field.

ISBN: 978-88-8326-022-3

International Stirling Engine Conference - 13th ISEC 07 

The International Stirling Engine Conference, ISEC, that began in Great Britain in 1982 has grown and flourished over the years. Japan successfully hosted the 4th ISEC in 1988, the 7th ISEC in 1995 and the 13th ISEC in 2007. At this third conference in Tokyo, Japan, more than eighty technical papers concerning the Stirling engine and Stirling cycle machines have been presented and about 200 participants have been involved in active discussions on technological development.


International Stirling Engine Conference - 12th ISEC 05 

ISEC takes place each other year and the 12th ISEC continues the highly successful series begun in 1982. This conference has received worldwide recognition as the major international forum devoted to the exchange of the most recent Stirling cycle machines research, development and demonstration results. The ISEC brings together experts and interested parties from the wide mechanical and power engineering R & D community and provides an excellent opportunity for interactions among delegates. 

ISBN: 0-9535-5582-8

International Stirling Engine Conference - 11th ISEC 03 

Commercial applications of Stirling engines in the energy market have been the goal of extensive research efforts within the “Stirling engine community”. The unique capacity of Stirling engines to operate with unconventional fuels makes them particularly suitable for producing electricity from new primary energy sources. Moreover, Stirling engines are a promising option for combined heat and power production with biomass fuels. The need to increase the use of renewable energy sources has led to policy actions promoting their use in many countries.

ISBN: 978-88-8326-021-6

International Stirling Engine Conference - 8th ISEC 97

ISBN: 978-88-8326-020-9

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