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Now available: Dynamometer Test-Stand for Stirling Machines from VE//INGENIEURE

 The German specialist for Stirling machines ve//ingenieure has recently launched the distribution of its new Dynamometer Test-Stand for Stirling Machines STD20. It enables the operation of Stirling machines under reproducible conditions, and by acquiring, processing and presenting a multitude of data by a software based on LabVIEW, the STD20 test-stand serves as a comprehensive instrument for research, development and technical education in the area of Stirling engines. It supports a 4-quadrant operation, thereby allowing studies on the device-under-test not only as a thermal engine, but also as a heat-pump or refrigerator. The operation of the STD20 under reproducible conditions is supported by the also newly designed (and also separately available) electrical heater-hood EHH70. Its key-components are 3-phase electrical tubular heating elements with a nominal power of 7 kW for temperatures up to 800°C, a temperature-sensor, as well as electro-mechanically driven fans to homogeneously distribute the heat within the hood and to cool of outer surfaces.
The STD20 test stand is primarily optimized for the usage with ve//ingenieure’s established ST05G-CNC, an experimental Stirling machine in Gamma configuration, with a maximum shaft power of approximately 500 W at roughly 400-500 rpm and about 600°C gas-temperature in the heater-head. It was purpose-designed for applications in research, development and technical education and although mainly optimized for usage as a thermal engine, it can be operated in 4 quadrants, thereby working also as refrigerator or heat-pump. Beyond the usage with the ST05G-CNC, the STD20 test stand is – within its physical limits - also capable of being used for other engines.

More details about ve//ingenieure’s products are available by e-mail under buero@ve-ingenieure, on the company website under www.ve-ingenieure.de and through the following links:
More images and videos can also be found on ve//ingenieure’s YouTube channel
www.youtube.com/user/VEIngenieure and on the website of its partner LabJack under https://labjack.com/news/t7-stirling-engine-dynamometer.
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