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Fundraising for renovation of the memorial stone of Rev. Dr. Robert Stirling

In 2014, we care about projects based on the ‘Stirling Cycle Machine’; we may also be aware of the original concept of that power source, being patented in Scotland almost 200 years ago by Robert Stirling.

While Robert Stirling’s name may still be remembered within many and diverse articles in books and on the internet, sadly, in the small town of Galston which benefited from 54 years of his care and good service as a Minister in the Church of Scotland, there is a memorial stone which was erected over his grave upon his death in 1878, which now lies broken and degraded, with barely legible commemorative text.

In 2014, there are people in Galston who care about a project which aims to replace that ruinous stone and – at this time – have contributed over 50% funding towards the projected costs for a new, yet traditionally styled red granite memorial stone with the original text, to be sited on a small plinth referring to his invention and incorporating an etching of a diagram showing that original ‘Stirling Engine’.

The project aims to provide a meaningful reminder of an important chapter in the proud heritage of the town and its people, and, a respectable memorial stone on a grave still visited by many who continue to come from near and far, to view that last resting place of Robert Stirling.

In 2014, in the approach to the bi-centenary of the ‘birth’ of the first ‘Stirling Engine’, the Project Committee are aware that national and international care may be shown by financial contributions being made to that project, by companies/organisations/business professionals, and, men and women who recognise Robert Stirling as a caring and inventive man, whose legacy of the ‘Stirling Engine’ lives on within a world which has become increasingly conscious of the environment and the welfare of its peoples.

That care can be reflected within contributions which may be made by cheque made out to ‘Galston Parish Church Stirling Memorial’ and sent to ‘James Mills (Church Treasure), 34 Belvedere View, Glaston, KA4 8JS, in Scotland, or, may be made by BACS to Account No. 00433744, Sort Code 80-06-91, for the ‘Galston Parish Church Memorial’ fund.

More information on this project may be found on the web-site for Galston Parish Church at:
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