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A brief announcement from Whisper Tech Ltd


On Tuesday 22 February, a magnitude 6.3 earthquake occurred very close to Christchurch, New Zealand. The quake has destroyed the Central Business District (where Whisper Tech is located) and has taken the lives of many. Numerous buildings have collapsed and it is expected that over 30% of all CBD buildings will require demolition and much of the CBD will be closed for months to come.

We are most fortunate in that all Whisper Tech staff and their families are safe and well, although some no longer have homes. Unfortunately, however, our business premises were seriously damaged by the quake and the damaged buildings have been requisitioned for demolition so the site they occupy can be used to locate porta cabins required as temporary accommodation for essential service providers. This demolition of our buildings marks the end of an era for Whisper Tech which has spent over 15 years in those premises.

In an attempt to ensure that our customers and suppliers are inconvenienced as little as possible we are currently operating with a skeleton staff in temporary premises outside the CBD while we work to determine how we can best resurrect a Whisper Tech business in Christchurch which in the circumstances may take some time.  Our IT systems and email contacts remain operational.

We appreciate that many are not in as fortunate position as we are and our thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have suffered as a consequence of this quake. Also our thanks go out to all around the world who have sent us messages of support and offers of help. These communications mean more than you can understand; they give us all renewed strength and determination.

Contact information for Whisper Tech:

Phone - Main Office Number  + 64 3 363 9293
Fax + 64 3 338 9310
Postal Address:  PO Box 13 705, Christchurch 8141, New Zealand

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