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Frauscher Thermal Motors GmbH started long-term tests with engine A600-V3

After 13 years of intensive research, accompanied by numerous experimental set-ups, prototypes, tests, improvement measures and setbacks, we have now decided to bring this work to the attention of the public. There are a number of reasons why we believe that the time is now right to do this: First and foremost, we believe that our many years of practical experience have enabled us to build up a knowledge base that will enable us to provide interested parties with a predominantly sound and factual, and more importantly honest and cautious assessment of the state of the art.

Last but not least, we are extremely pleased that around the same time and after a four-year development period, we were able to allow our type A600-V3 device to progress into the long-term testing phase. With its 5 kW electrical output, this machine has since been put to the test and has successfully completed several hundred operating hours without problems.
Bringing our work to the attention of the public also means receiving more regular ideas, encouragement and innovative information from the market and responding to these.

In reality and in comparison with combustion engines, research in this particular area is several decades behind and this is something that needs to be made up. Matters have also been made more difficult by the fact that the CHP (combined heat and power) market, for example, expects a level of maintainability and durability that people have come to expect in this day and age from heat pumps and refrigerating machines. In this case we are talking about far more than 10.000 hours permanent operation.
We have set ourselves the objective of only bringing machines onto the market if their properties conform to customer expectations.

As the name suggests, this is the third experimental set-up of a machine with around 600 ccm swept volume according to the Alpha principle. It is fitted with an integrated asynchronous generator that provides a continuous electrical output of 5 kW. The machine is fully encapsulated, can be operated in any location and is filled with helium, as a working gas, to a pressure of 30 bar. The bearings and piston are lubricated for life.
We are operating the machine in a trial set-up with a matrix gas burner, without pre-heating the combustion air. The efficiency between the heat energy input and the electrical power output has stabilised at 33%.

Please visit our website www.frauscher-motors.com for more information.
We look forward to receiving your feedback. Please send all information of that type to martina.billinger@frauscher-motors.com. Many thanks!

Frauscher Josef
Managing Director

Frauscher Thermal Motors GmbH
Gewerbestraße 1 | 4774 St. Marienkirchen | AUSTRIA
T: +43 7711 31820-0 | F: +43 7711 31820-8500
office@frauscher-motors.com | www.frauscher-motors.com
Firmenbuchgericht: Ried im Innkreis | FN: 320883m| UID: ATU 64591999

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