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Welcome from Carlo M. Bartolini and Vincenzo Naso

Almost two centuries have passed since R. Stirling presented his invention. Since then, countless scholars, researchers and - above all - industry operators, have been drawn to the inviting thermodynamic features of the Stirling engine. There have been numerous projects to construct engines for various applications, but industrial success has been limited to a few instances and was temporary, with fleeting appearances on the market, hindered mainly by the multitude of fragmented studies.
Since 1982, the International Stirling Engine Conference has been organized every two years, thanks to Prof. Graham Walker's enlightened intuition. This scientific convention focuses only on the Stirling engine, and its objective is to allow all researchers a forum for debating their studies, with the mutual aim of enabling the Stirling engine to achieve the market success it has awaited for so long.

We have dedicated over 30 years of study and research to the Stirling engine and we are well aware that for some time now operators in this community have been hoping to see a dedicated channel of communication. With this site we intend to respond to the many demands encountered in scientific and industrial research.

First, the technical and scientific organization of conferences held worldwide will have its own special section in the web space. The composition of the International Conference Council will be announced and it will be possible to link to the sites of the most recent conferences and the European Stirling Engine Forum, held in Osnabruch since 1992. A critical web area (Research Network) will allow the launch of research programmes and collaborative studies, as well as the chance to contact other registered researchers who have declared their involvement in specific Stirling engine research sectors. This channel will enable search for and communication with other researchers via a database being developed. Another significant site area will allow reading, downloading or purchase of papers concerning the Stirling engine. These will be available through a database with a dedicated search engine.

We are delighted to go live with this site and thus create an ongoing, resourceful network that promotes communication and brings together the many strands of study currently being developed worldwide, to achieve a single, efficient point of collection and fusion.
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