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IK4-TEKNIKER and its service to repair Stirling engines

Aware of the interest that universities, companies and research centres place on the Stirling technology, IK4-TEKNIKER is launching onto the market a new service for repairing V160-V161 configuration Stirling engines; in this service specialists start up engines which, after having been operating for a time, have had to be shut down due to technical problems or lack of maintenance, and for which no after-sales service is available.
The aim is none other than to provide companies, universities and research centres with a service that will guarantee that the engine will work properly, and result in cost cutting made possible by the optimum repair of the equipment.

Fault detection
The new service is capable of detecting whether the Stirling engine is in fact the faulty part in the installation that has broken down (pre-diagnostic service over the phone or via email or in situ) and, if that is the case, to offer a diagnosis and the possibility of repairing it on IK4-TEKNIKER's premises.
The R&D centre is thus making available to its customers a solution that allows them to have the possible faults in the engine diagnosed (working gas leaks; worn seals; wear in kinematics; malfunctioning of the sensors or other electronic components) and have them rectified.

Gathering of information, diagnosis and repair
The new service has three phases: the first involves gathering information about the situation in which the equipment is in (starting point); the second is to diagnose the equipment and produce a report on the possible solutions and feasibility of repairing it. And finally, the repair and validation of the equipment while it is running, and delivery to the customer.

An example of a successful service
In one of its latest pieces of work, IK4-TEKNIKER has successfully started up a SOLO161 cogeneration unit acquired in 2007 by the department of thermal energy generation of the Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour (France).
This piece of equipment, which had been used for teaching purposes, stopped working years ago and it had not been possible to get it started again, which was why the university got into contact with the Basque R&D centre.
After gathering information about the equipment, its history of faults and confirming its response to certain tests conducted remotely, IK4-TEKNIKER's Stirling team issued a diagnosis and a proposal of steps to carry out to get it going again. The problem affecting the equipment was linked to helium pressure levels that were too low for it to function.
Once the proposal had been accepted by the people in charge at the university department, a member of IK4-TEKNIKER's Stirling team went to Pau to carry out the work to restore the engine's pressure levels and get the system going again. By the end of the day, the equipment was up and running and ready to be used once again for the university's teaching purposes.

For more information about service: Stirling@tekniker.es
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c/ Iñaki Goenaga 5
20600 Eibar, Gipuzkoa (SPAIN)
T: +34 943206744
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